Elevate and distinguish your business for competitive advantage.

Grow an expanding base of loyal, advocate customers.

Attract and retain top talent and build a customer focused culture.

Attract the right investment growth partners.

Command premium pricing for your offerings.

Increase distribution and velocities in sales channels.

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Full Day Consensus Building Brand Strategy Workshops
Consensus building brand strategy workshops designed to help leadership teams gain more clarity and consensus to address specific challenges in brand positioning, brand storytelling and brand voice. Each of these full-day issue-based workshops, offered through our White Hot Center brand education format, is customized to meet your specific learning and consensus objectives, and delivered with in-person facilitation.


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Brand Strategy Transformation Breakthroughs

In times of change and challenge, our comprehensive brand transformation collaboration sets the direction and trajectory for how leadership teams strengthen their strategic focus on who they are, what they stand for, and how their desired image and reputation shapes their future marketplace success.  We advise leadership teams to effectively align business strategy and brand strategy across the full ecosystem of their business enabling them to make quantum leaps in their progress to influence higher value customers.


Strategic and Creative Brand Transformation, Development and Design

In our signature brand transformation collaboration we advise and guide on brand strategy development and explore a rich conceptual overview for how your brand will best express its visual and verbal signals to higher value customers. Based on the imperatives of the brand strategy phase, the creative development and design phase includes a comprehensive visual and verbal expression of your brand story narratives, language, brand identity and trade dress elements, and their application to various media channels, physical artifacts and branded environments. When adopted, the brand platform provides the framework and guidance necessary for your marketing, sales teams and partners to effectively implement your brand transformation in the marketplace.

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"Throughout the workshop process, Thomson and his team built instant rapport and trust with our brand team and guided the strategic and creative development of our new corporate identity program approved by our senior leadership team in six weeks.”

MJ Beckman
Senior Leader, Marketing Communications
ThedaCare Inc.
Healthcare System