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We do one thing and one thing only–collaborate with organizations who are transforming and elevating the quality of their presence in the marketplace so they can enhance their competitive advantage and drive business growth.


We offer specialized expertise in strategic brand development, transformation and revitalization for growing companies in diverse business sectors.


We play in the world of strategy, culture and design. Our only focus is the art and science of brand strategy development and the creative disciplines of design; developing the visual and verbal signals that reinforce the desired associations you want to build in the mind of a high value customer.


In our world of endless clutter and noise, strategic brand development is foundational to an organization’s ability to attract top talent, build customer focused cultures, and distinguish the value they bring to higher value customers.


A brand is nothing more than a set of associations–perceptions, expectations, feelings and beliefs. Our strategic and creative expertise guides leaders and teams to strengthen these associations to transform brands customers love and can’t live without.




“Dawson+Company did an excellent job of guiding our marketing team through the strategic positioning and brand development process for our recent Novielle product launch. Their contributions to our marketing success were exceptional.”

David Barella,
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing,
Facial Aesthetics Coapt Systems, Inc.

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